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Cannot Recommend BBD Enough

To say that I am overjoyed that we found and hired BBD is the understatement of the century. We hired two other companies who used steam and chemicals over the course of a month, and the bugs were still biting our tenants (including their four children) on a nightly basis. From the moment I called Brett (in tears) – I knew we were on our way to a solution. He scheduled a canine visit the next morning and had the house treated the following day. Finally, the house and the beautiful family living there were bug free. The level of professionalism, transparency, efficiency, and sheer care that Brett and Brian conduct themselves with is astounding. From letting you witness the dogs work, to allowing you on site during the treatment – so you know what’s going on in your home – I can not recommend BBD enough. Please don’t waste your time getting quotes from other pest control companies. They may give you a cheaper quote, but it won’t fix your problem. Heat remediation was the only thing that worked for us, and we were bug free 48 hours after my first call to BBD.

– Tara

Going The Extra Mile

I had the unfortunate experience of having bedbugs not once but twice. With my second experience, Brian was attentive and went the extra mile both in ensuring I had not brought the critters to a friend’s house nor that they were in my office at work. When a window cracked as a result of the heat treatment, there was no question about the company’s willingness to pay. This company cares, is honest, treats you well and wants to ensure you never need them again! I have high praise for Brian and his team.

– MW

A Fun Trip To Quebec Brought Home Some Uninvited Guests

We had the house sprayed only to have the bed bugs reappear a few months later. We called BBD to have their dogs do an assessment (amazing to watch) of our situation and found them hiding in our walls. They were very quick to get us scheduled for their heat treatment which I am happy to say eliminated our unwanted guests! This truly is a fantastic company with exceptional staff… including the dogs!

– Charlene, Dartmouth

The Problem Was Impossible To Manage Myself

Having bedbugs was one of the worst experiences in my life. When I realized that the problem was impossible to manage myself I turned to the internet for professional help. As a cancer survivor, it was difficult to choose a company as chemicals were consistently recommended – but then I found Bed Bug Detectives….. The dogs zeroed in with shocking accuracy allowing Pamela, Brian and Kaylah to quickly eradicate and advise without chemicals. Besides integrity & experience this team holds the exceptional ability to show compassion and hold discretion for their very vulnerable clients.

– M. Power, Halifax

Those Dogs Are So Unbelievably Impressive

Thank you so much for all of the help you’ve given me, including how awesome Brett and Brian were at helping me answer all of my questions. I have nothing but amazing things to say about your family run company, and even though it was a very unfortunate situation and literally put me into a state of panic, they made me feel so much better about the situation. Those dogs are so unbelievably impressive. Thanks again.

– Shanice, Sackville

I Always Learn Something New

My experience with Brian and his team of dogs has been amazing. I always learn something new from Brian. Every time I see the dogs working it still blows my mind. I even make sure I have treats for Red/Dot/Duke for a job well done! I highly recommend BBD.

– Mark, Dartmouth

Dogs are Absolutely Remarkable

We have nothing but admiration for Pamela and Brian. Not only are they efficient and thorough, but also compassionate and discreet. Their dogs are absolutely remarkable. I would strongly recommend them to anyone!

– Peter, Halifax

Hard Workers

Thank you for providing the Maritimes with a non-chemical treatment option. As far as I know, you guys are the only ones with thermal treatment and it is at a reasonable price. I slept better these past couple nights after having the canine inspection done; I can tell you guys are hard workers, and put your all into this business. Your dogs are very well trained and it’s amazing to see!

– J.C., Dartmouth

Highly Recommend

My experience with Bed Bug Detectives was so positive I asked if I could write a testimonial. Brian provided lots of education and options. Although I never doubted the incredible ability dogs can have, I was completely blown away to see Brian and his dogs work in my home with such drive and skill. I highly recommend their services.

– Jessica

Simply Amazing

We had a suspicion we had bugs. Immediately I Googled and one of the first companies that popped up was Bed Bug Detectives. What drew me to them was that they specialized in bed bugs. I figured they knew what they were doing. Let me tell you, they definitely did!

They were discreet, compassionate, and so knowledgeable and informative. Not to mention the dogs they used were simply amazing! Bed bugs are a living nightmare but these guys made it soooo much better! I HIGHLY recommend them if you’re ever in this unfortunate situation.