Heat Treatment vs. Chemical Treatment

Bed bugs are attracted to heat and will come out of hiding in search of the heat source. The heat penetrates so quickly the bed bugs have no time to escape. Kill temperatures are closely monitored to ensure 100% heat saturation in treatment area.

Reaction of bed bugs to treatment

Bed bugs will attempt to escape chemical exposure driving them deeper into cracks and crevices and the building’s structure making them more difficult to eradicate.

Bed bugs are biologically attracted to heat and will always be drawn to the heat source.

Resistance of bed bugs to treatment

Bed bugs are developing chemical resistance to pesticides that have been repeatedly applied.

Heat reaches every crack and crevice in a properly prepared treatment area.

Coverage of treatment space

It is impossible to reach all affected areas (i.e. inside walls) with chemical compounds.

Thermal Remediation kills mold and all other insects just as effectively as it kills bed bugs.

Effects on mold and other insects

Only targeted insects are eradicated. Mold and other insects are not affected.

Thermal Remediation is extremely safe, no chemical compounds are applied, and normal activity can resume in the treatment area the same day.**

Environmental impact

Chemical treatments use toxic compounds, creating issues with residuals, clean-up and disposal.

Remove heat sensitive items only. We encourage leaving all other items in treatment space to ensure total bed bug elimination.

Preparation for treatment

Hours of preparation such as washing fabrics, clothes and bedding may be required. Furniture may have to be discarded.

Thermal Remediation kills all stages of bed bugs including their eggs. One treatment is 100% effective. *

Number of treatments required

Bed bugs have become chemical resistant. Recurring infestations may require multiple treatments to be effective.

Heat treatments typically take 8-12 hours depending on content load, structural composition and square footage. The space is ready for use immediately.**

Total treatment time

Preparation, chemical application and clean-up typically takes several days for each treatment.

Thermal Remediation uses no dangerous chemicals or insecticides and leaves no residues. Space is safe and usable immediately following treatment.**

Use of space following treatment

Chemical treatment leaves toxic residue which can be harmful to people and animals.

* Treatment is 100% effective when client participates and completes our preparation guidelines.
** Individuals with health issues should consider avoiding treatment area for 6 hours after treatment to allow for cool down.